World Car Free Day

Art Director
Digital, Experiential, PR
Volvo Cars is celebrating World Car Free Day with a limited edition shoe inspired by the new Volvo XC40 Recharge—because every step towards a sustainable future matters.
Case Study
Directly Inspired by The New Volvo XC40
In Collaboration With an Earth-Friendly Footwear Brand, Casca
The first batch of shoes sold out in 16 hours.

The messaging reached 70% of the intended audience with cost per engagement 80% lower than average and estimated recall lift 50% higher than average.

Created and launched in Canada, the campaign was then rolled out across North America, getting noticed in 7 different countries.
Featured in The Times, Autonews, MediaPost, CarBuzz and more

Celebrated by RGD in my nomination for the most impactful designer under 35

Canadian Marketing Association Awards "Engagement in Automotive Advertising"
Thank You
Creative Direction ..... Dan Bache and Jamie Spears
Art Direction ............. Andrew Reutsky

I wish to thank Dan Bache for involving me in this project.
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