October 3, 2023
Mudern Art
For the first time in four years, I walked into the school where I had spent 11 formative years of my life to share my journey and insights on finding a good job with the next generation of graduates. Little did I know that this trip had stored something profound to teach me in turn. In this blog post, I share my experience and how it impacted me as an art director and as a person.
Andrew Reutsky speaking at an organized event on the first day of school with over 100 anticipated graduates in attendance

Mudern Art

Art Director
Digital, PR, AND Experiential
To off-roaders, a mud-covered truck is as beautiful as any piece of art. For them, mudding isn't merely an activity; it's an artistic expression in its own right, and a truck covered in mud is art.
"This truck is one that you appreciate not only for it’s capabilities but also, it’s beauty."
Matt MacFarlane, National Marketing Communications Manager for Buick GMC
Original Art Created by a Capable Truck
"Andrew has powerfully persuasive, high concept and ethical work that looks fantastic."
Wilson Wong, Judge at RGD AWARDS and Partner, Creative Director at Everbrave
Meet the Artist — First Ever GMC Canyon AT4X
"It's the best automotive work I've seen in a while. On easily the most notoriously [demanding] brand in the country, and maybe the world."

Senior Marketing Executive Close to the Brand
The first batch of shoes sold out in 16 hours.

The messaging reached 70% of the intended audience with cost per engagement 80% lower than average and estimated recall lift 50% higher than average.

Created and launched in Canada, the campaign was then rolled out across North America, getting noticed in 7 different countries.
Featured in The Times, Autonews, MediaPost, CarBuzz and more

Celebrated by RGD in my nomination for the most impactful designer under 35

Canadian Marketing Association Awards "Engagement in Automotive Advertising"
GMC's most successful social campaign ever

Over 20 million organic views on TikTok

More than 10,000 visits to the landing page
Ad Age, Editor's Pick: "GMC Made Muddy Masterpieces of Off-Road Art in Truck Campaign"

Also featured in TheMessage, StrategyOnline, and other popular publications
Thank You
Executive Creative Director ... Kohl Forsberg
Art Director ........................... Andrew Reutsky
Writer .................................... Steven Seltzer

I wish to thank Francin Cruz and Robin Soukvilay for their review and invaluable suggestions and the client for their courage in undertaking bold and innovative work.
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Cheez-It Snap'd Launch
Traditional AND digital
DirectOR & ProducER
Hawaii Starts Here - Hawaiian Airlines
Traditional, Digital, AND Ambient